About Rachel Wijsman

About Rachel Wijsman

Driven by all that is feminine, fashion and ethnic, confused by her background which is in fashion but also academic... there has always been a place of clarity within her, within her paintings. 


Painting for as long as she can remember has now turned into painting for as long and as much as she will remember. Her paintings are known for their feminine forms, their touch of fashion and often display ethnic diversity. They send a wider message that transcends fields and borders.

However, the interpretation of each of her works lies in the eye of the beholder. Inspired by iconic fashion and art, her artworks always tell a story and are known for the use of colors that soothe the eye. Colors you would wear on your body and skin. 

Materials & Techniques

Although she loves to play with established techniques and materials, her works can not be framed. They characterize themselves by composition and by the way she plays with light and dark and with contrast. With her excessive style she challenges realism among others. There are no rules. Rachel is very much attached to her works. Whenever one is sold it takes a few weeks to mourn and start with a new work. She can create multiple works in a short period of time and feel creatively exhausted and sad several months after. She really gives it her all. Artworks right from the heart. They are awaiting. Exclusive, single print paintings only. No copies.

Exclusive, single print paintings only.

Custom Fashion Paintings

Next to the original fashion paintings, custom paintings are also available. In response to any desired color or subject new artworks can be created. We discuss your wishes and within the artistic freedom of the artist, a lot is possible. Please contact me so we can have a look into what inspires you, so that we can create together.

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